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Bought Ubervita W700's last summer and had great results, they did ask for an honest review of their product (not a 5 star review like someone had claimed) for a free bottle. I was able to lose 10 pounds with exercise and healthy eating while taking Ubervita in about a month. I highly recommend their product and had no complaints. I just went on Amazon to order another bottle this summer and they are no longer available through Amazon. All of... Read more

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I actually liked the product. I took the thermogenic preworkout and it worked on me. I did zumba throughout the week while on it. Losing weight for me is a struggle i was glad to have lost a steady 2-4 lbs a month. Ive actually gained 12 lbs since off of it. Im trying out a different thermogenic but so far no results. I miss the lemon like flavor that made me wake up and how i pushed myself while on it. The only thing im pissed about is that its... Read more

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Your experience is awful. I'm not sure why all this has happened but my husband uses their products. I have ordered from Amazon but also their website. I wrote to the company with questions on several occasions and a real person wrote back immediately! The product ingredients accompany's each product on the Web pages. I can't swear that what's listed is actually what's in it, nut my husband is satisfied. I did have to read pretty deep to... Read more

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Ubervita is giving away a full free bottle in exchange for a 5 star review which is well played. Placebo effect. Do not waste your money on this. They will send you numerous cards saying to write a review and get something for promoting the company. If everyone is doing this how are they making any money unless its a very cheap dispensable product? The vitamins do work but thermongenic, abs, and legs and complete bull. The harder you work out... Read more

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While a lot of what you're saying about inflated positive reviews and underhanded sales techniques is not subject to my doubt, I will say that I've tried other weight loss supplements in the past and always with an open mind, so as not to succumb to the placebo effect. That being said, I really am a fan of the 7000. I get a different effect from two cups of coffee than I do from one pill, and I much prefer the pill. I feel energized but not... Read more

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Listen man, you cannot please all the people all the time. Lets face it some people are just anal about things and thats that, period. Now Mr. Anonymous/b0fda6d your entitled to your opinion. In my opinion you must carry and sell some sort of "Fat Burner" and Ubervita is making money hand over fist with good products as well as reviews and YOUR NOT! How they obtain them, really doesn't matter. If they give product away for a good review, well,... Read more

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  • Oct 27, 2014
  • #550990

Not worth the money paid Does not work its a scam.... Don't waste you money and the seller won't refund your money its a shame...

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  • Aug 04, 2014
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This product did nothing for me. And no instructions on how to take it.

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This complaint is about a fly-by-night company called Ubervita that has cracked the "code" to Amazon fake review superstardom and managed to submit 1,700 fake reviews for its bogus fat burner called W700 Thermogenic Hypermetabolizer. W700 is claiming to be an “extreme weightloss supplement” and the “most powerful and trusted Thermogenic Diet Pill in the industry.” It also toots being “the fat burner used by elite professional atheletes (sic).”... Read more

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