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LOVED Ubervita

Bought Ubervita W700's last summer and had great results, they did ask for an honest review of their product (not a 5 star review like someone had claimed) for a free bottle. I was able to lose 10 pounds with exercise and healthy eating while taking Ubervita in about a month. I highly recommend their product and had no complaints. I just went on Amazon to order another bottle this summer and they are no longer available through Amazon. All of the reviews that I had read about Ubervita Thermogenic Metabolizer were honest and not always 5 stars. If you are looking for great energy and amazing results I would try this product. I don't normally write reviews but I felt that I need to stick up for the company because their company is being unfairly deemed as fraudulent.
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Good quality

Ubervita Supplement Review from La Feria, Texas

I actually liked the product. I took the thermogenic preworkout and it worked on me. I did zumba throughout the week while on it. Losing weight for me is a struggle i was glad to have lost a steady 2-4 lbs a month. Ive actually gained 12 lbs since off of it. Im trying out a different thermogenic but so far no results. I miss the lemon like flavor that made me wake up and how i pushed myself while on it. The only thing im pissed about is that its harder to get it now. I used to buy it on amazon but now im searching ebay and groupon.
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In my opinion, you're either nuts or trying to promote this product for whatever reason you may have. I do not believe for a second that you are a real consumer.

I do not believe for a second that your review is genuine and honest. Moreover, this is a consumer complaint website, not advertising space.

For all others reading this post, the reason this product is "harder to get it now" as this "reviewer" suggests is because it and all Ubervita products have been banned by Amazon. There's a lot of information about Ubervita, and, in my opinion, most of it would make you want to run as far away as possible from its products as possible. Yet the person writing this review is still seeking a product banned by Amazon?

I don't know about you, but I find it very sketchy that someone would shop for supplements on Groupon or Ebay.

People need to ask themselves why no major supplement retailer carries Ubervita products and why the company banned from Amazon in the first place. Doesn't this concern our "reviewer" at all?

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Ubervita Supplement

Ubervita - W700 Thermogenic Hyper Metabolizer Review from Colleyville, Texas

Your experience is awful. I'm not sure why all this has happened but my husband uses their products. I have ordered from Amazon but also their website. I wrote to the company with questions on several occasions and a real person wrote back immediately! The product ingredients accompany's each product on the Web pages. I can't swear that what's listed is actually what's in it, nut my husband is satisfied. I did have to read pretty deep to determine what product to use for certain issues. And it appears that some products can be used for more than one thing. For example, we started with W700 for male enhancement. But found out its also for weight loss. He was an energizer bunny in the bedroom but complained about losing weight. So, we recently switched to a testosterone product by Ubervita. The jury is still out. Perhaps management has changed since your experience. They even sent us coupons! I wrote my own review to get a free bottle, but was honest in my assessment of the product.
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Hahahaha, wow, in my opinion, this review has "FAKE" written all over it! I can guarantee one thing, you won't be ordering this product from Amazon anymore because Amazon BANNED ALL UBERVITA PRODUCTS. You may want to ask yourself why it did so.

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Ubervita scam!

Ubervita is giving away a full free bottle in exchange for a 5 star review which is well played. Placebo effect. Do not waste your money on this. They will send you numerous cards saying to write a review and get something for promoting the company. If everyone is doing this how are they making any money unless its a very cheap dispensable product? The vitamins do work but thermongenic, abs, and legs and complete bull. The harder you work out the better results you will get without the product. They only want their name out there and probably don't care what goes in the consumer body. Call the FDA and report it
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Not as described/ advertised

Ubervita review: Review in Diets and Training category from Logansport, Indiana

While a lot of what you're saying about inflated positive reviews and underhanded sales techniques is not subject to my doubt, I will say that I've tried other weight loss supplements in the past and always with an open mind, so as not to succumb to the placebo effect. That being said, I really am a fan of the 7000. I get a different effect from two cups of coffee than I do from one pill, and I much prefer the pill. I feel energized but not "jittery" as others have said, and it definitely works as a satisfying appetite suppressant as well. I haven't taken this supplement for very long, but I only intend to take it Monday through Friday and take weekends off, in order to prevent a hardy tolerance from developing. Results vary, I'm sure...but I'm genuinely pleased with my purchase.
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Ubervita Supplement
Reason of review
Good quality

Ubervita review in Peoria, Arizona: W700 is GOOD!

Listen man, you cannot please all the people all the time. Lets face it some people are just anal about things and thats that, period. Now Mr. Anonymous/b0fda6d your entitled to your opinion. In my opinion you must carry and sell some sort of "Fat Burner" and Ubervita is making money hand over fist with good products as well as reviews and YOUR NOT! How they obtain them, really doesn't matter. If they give product away for a good review, well, hey man, it takes money to make money its the cost of doing business. If there was a product given for opinion bottom line is those reviews are real. I highly doubt someone twisted the arms or put a gun to 1700 people's head's and told to give a 5 star. I've done many different Fat Burners, the best my wife and I have used OxyElite pro. As you are probably aware you can't purchase them in the US any more. You were i'm sure upset that they sold so many and again my opinion, ...YOU DID NOT! FOR THE RECORD: My wife and I both use W700, we love it, no one paid me cash or product to post this Mr Anonymous/b0fda6d, I'm sure your good and P****d about that but I'm not trying to please you, I'm only expressing my opinion. Now if you'll excuse me ladies, Gentleman and Mr.Anonymous/b0fda6d i'm gonna see about gettin me a free bottle, hahaha. Hope everyone enjoys this rebuttal review, Ha not everyone will tho. Best Regards ~Mr. Axle
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This is probably Sam keeler himself, since he had many, many fake reviews posted on Amazon to plump his products to the top of the customer review ratings. And the contents?

The company? His head office?

Customer and product service? Ha.



Haha, I find this post to be very funny. Well let me say that in my opinion, this author's language is suspiciously similar to that of the Amazon "customers" who defend Ubervita on the one-star review threads.

There seems to be a pattern here of accusing anyone that criticizes Ubervita of working for a competitor. Apparently, it's impossible to have a negative opinion about this product without being part of some competitor's conspiracy to bring down this company. I would say to Ubervita that, again in my opinion, competitors don't need to bash you online because your product isn't much to compete with. It is my opinion that Ubervita relies more on marketing and online reviews to sell its products than focusing on the quality of the product itself.

If your product is so great Ubervita, why don't you release the ingredients and the amount of each on all your labels? Why don't you address customer concerns regarding your proprietary blends. I personally think you'd have to be crazy to buy and consume a product without knowing the full facts about the ingredients. Finally, I find it strange that an Ubervita "customer" would get on a consumer COMPLAINTS website to post a "rebuttal" to another customer's detailed and well-though out statement, and to praise Ubervita in an almost ad-like fashion.

I find this highly suspicious and in my opinion Mr.

Axle's review is not fully truthful and probably fraudulent.

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Good quality

Sports Nutrition Review

Not worth the money paid Does not work its a scam.... Don't waste you money and the seller won't refund your money its a shame...
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Ubervita review: Review about Effectless Product

This product did nothing for me. And no instructions on how to take it.
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Ubervita W700, a bogus fat burner supplement posted 1,700 fake reviews on Amazon without any consequences

This complaint is about a fly-by-night company called Ubervita that has cracked the "code" to Amazon fake review superstardom and managed to submit 1,700 fake reviews for its bogus fat burner called W700 Thermogenic Hypermetabolizer. W700 is claiming to be an “extreme weightloss supplement” and the “most powerful and trusted Thermogenic Diet Pill in the industry.” It also toots being “the fat burner used by elite professional atheletes (sic).” UberVita is also for “individuals who want to loss weight (sic)”. When the company is asked via email, as well as on their Amazon sales page for the names of these “top athletes,” and for the exact ingredients of the product, they refuse to answer. The ingredients of W700 are simply listed as “Weight loss thermogenic vitamins and supplements.” Their website text is equally short. The closest that can be found is a photo of W700’s label listing 468 milligrams of proprietary blend. According to supplement labeling regulations, the ingredients must be listed in order of prevalence, which means that W700 is mostly caffeine. How much of it? That’s anyone’s guess, and the company refuses to give more specific information even to emailed inquiries from concerned reviewers. UberVita has also been dodging questions from Amazon shoppers asking whether they were posting their own fake reviews. The answer came from users who said they received offers of a full refund in exchange for a 5 star review. Shoppers report similar fake-review dumps starting to appear under the company’s other products, also listed on Amazon. Unfortunately, when real customers report the obvious fake reviews, Amazon ignores the issue. They send a standard response about “thoroughly investigating all reports of review abuse”, signed by “Review Moderator at,” and then they do nothing. Why would they? They are making money on these scams! Here is how Ubervita gets fake reviews on Amazon: After a few lukewarm andbad reviews initially, they started to post fakes on their own, or probably hired a company to do it. People also sell fake reviews on Fiverr for $5 or on odesk, freelancer, any other site. For their first 700 reviews, they posted 30 each day, like clockwork. This is very easy to check. People who took notice and questioned the legitimacy of their reviews were offered a free bottle of W700 or were given a full refund on their already made purchase. Negative reviews get voted down by Ubervita's people, and questions that expose the false claims Ubervita makes also get voted down. Ubervita knows how to fool Amazon and Amazon buyers. After I ordered the W700 fat burner, I received a bottle of mystery pills. There were no ingredients or instructions on the bottle other than to take the “proprietary blend” once a day. As expected, I saw no improvement after taking the product, except for the initial caffeine kick that wore off in four days. Three weeks after ordering the product, I received a postcard in the mail, asking for a review and promising a free bottle of UberSurge, in exchange. The postcard said to send an email to to “collect your free bottle.” I emailed the company and their automatic response made it all too clear that a 5-star review was expected. They stated in bold, red letters that “If your experience was anything less than 5-star, PLEASE let us know how we can make it better. Merchants such as Amazon see 4 and 3 star reviews as the equivalent of a negative for us online.” This is obviously not true, and a trick Ubervita used to get a portion of their 5-star reviews. As some commenters on the product’s page stated, they would not have given W700 a 5-star rating if it weren’t for the incentive, but most omitted that fact from their reviews. Upon complaining, Amazon will give a full refund without any questions because they know the product is worthless, but they do nothing to stop the Ubervita scam. In fact, Ubervita now has 4 other products on Amazon, and they are receiving and generating fake reviews for those too by the dozens daily. So what can be done about this scam? If you have been contacted by Ubervita to post a fake 5-star Amazon review in exchange for a free bottle of another product, please contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company’s products make false claims, which the FDA takes very seriously. Report it at 1-800-FDA-1088 and They are also posting their own fake and misleading positive reviews, as well as refunding customers their money in exchange for false positive reviews, both of which are violations the FTC has cracked down on in the past. Report it at (202) 326-2222 and on And if you are not disillusioned with yet, report it to them too, at the very least they will refund you the money you paid for a worthless product sold under false pretenses.
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I use the product, I don't really think it's helped with weightloss but it definitely had helped my energy level. I wad offered a free bottle for a positive review but I hadn't even tried the product yet so obviously I didn't review. Which raised a flag or two for me however, I do love the energy I get from it though.


Now it's time for Amazon to finish the job and ban Eden Pond, owned by the same guy as Ubervita, Sam Keeler, and Dr. Danielle LLC, which is owned by his alleged girlfriend/friend, Danielle Saunders, and currently has the best selling Turmeric supplement on Amazon.

These two companies have, in my opinion, engaged in much of the same unscrupulous behavior and review manipulation as Ubervita. Dr. Danielle's Turmeric isn't even an extract of turmeric/curcumin according to the label, but just encapsulated Turmeric like you can get at the grocery store in bulk for cheap. The product cost an exorbitant $25 and is the only non-extract turmeric "supplement" that I've ever come across.

Many people use Turmeric extract as a supplemental treatment for serious illnesses, making the review manipulation in this case especially egregious. How many people buying Dr. Danielle's Turmeric think they are getting curcumin extract comparable to other Turmeric supplements sold at reputable health food stores due to Dr. Danielle's "best-seller" label on Amazon?

How many people know they can just order a pound of actual USDA Organic Turmeric powder for less than $10 online? Check Vitacost or Swansons. Dr. Danielle's Turmeric doesn't even have the USDA Organic label.

The reviews and comments for both Dr. Danielle and Eden Pond products, in my opinion, smack of fraud and deception. Furthermore, in my opinion, the owners of these companies have engaged in not only unethical, but sociopathic behavior with a blatant disregard for the well-being of their customers. In my opinion they are manipulating the review system to peddle some of the worst quality products on the market.

Case in point, Ubervita's Uber-Sleep, as described in another comment below. Amazon needs to start putting people before profits and do a better job of protecting it's customers from fraud!


I use Ubervita 800, and I do really like it. I have not been paid for this comment, and I just bought more of these pills.

They give me a lot of energy, and help me to curb my appetite. I ended up here, because the products are not being sold on Amazon right now, and I was wondering why, so I Googled, and found myself at this site! I wonder why this even exists - if you don't like a product, just don't buy it again. are the ones being paid to destroy a good product's name. :)


Hahahaha. Nice try.

Your comment reads like a desperate attempt to salvage Ubervita's already-destroyed reputation. It doesn't concern you at all that this product has been BANNED by Amazon? You love it so much that you still want to buy it? Hahaha.

Come on, how naive do you think people are? In my opinion, you either work for Ubervita or are writing on the company's behalf. In my opinion, this company is so incredibly unethical that they would stoop to any low to try to deceive people. Once again, all you need to do is Google "Ubervita Imgur", and you will see what this company is about.

In my opinion, you'd have to be absolutely crazy to still seek out this product after it has been BANNED by Amazon, and moreover not carried by any major retailer.


Haha, oh yeah and one more thing. This "reviewer" also makes it a point to say "I have not been paid for this comment..." Yeah, can you be any more sketchy buddy?

This is so pathetic I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for you.

One thing I know for sure is that I personally would never buy any product from a company like Ubervita.


I totally agree with you.


Another interesting article regarding Ubervita. This one deals not only with the alleged review fraud discussed on this site, but also with the ingredients in W700 itself.

In my opinion, the analysis is very thorough and logically. Can Uverbita refute any of this? I'd love for someone to do a laboratory analysis of W700 like Laboor did for Ubervita Uber Sleep, which ranked dead last of the 30 melatonin supplements analyzed. In fact, the 29th ranked melatonin brand scored an A-, whereas Uber Sleep, at 30th, scored a C!

Check out:

This makes me personally question not only Ubervita's sales and advertising methods, but also the quality of their products. I personally would never buy any supplements from Ubervita. There are, in my opinion, too many reputable companies producing the same or similar products as Ubervita that I believe to be of better quality, and doing so more ethically.

I cannot understand why someone would even consider Ubervita in light of the information out there. It is no surprise to me that Amazon banned all Ubervita products, and that they are not sold by any major retailer that I know of.


Ubervita is now on Amazon's list of banned dietary supplements.


Looks like Amazon finally took down Ubervita products from its website. This was long overdo and I hope it's a permanent ban.

It's a shame it took this much negative publicity to get Amazon to act, but better late than never. Now I hope Amazon will also take action to remove Eden Pond and Dr.

Danielle products from its website as well, which are allegedly employing some of the same tactics as Ubervita and run by the either same people or people that know each other. In my opinion Amazon should ban the people behind these products rather than the products themselves for fear of them just starting up a new company and repeating the same business model.


Here's an in-depth study on 580 reviews on one of their products: - pretty much exposes that they are completely manipulating the reviews on Amazon to rank their product higher.


Just read that Amazon filed a lawsuit against paid reviewers, but I cannot find any information about Amazon combating the methods allegedly used by Ubervita. Please check out the article:

Is this really anymore ethical than outright paying for reviews?

Isn't a free product just another form of compensation? I am personally very skeptical of ALL Amazon reviews at this point, especially those pertaining to unfamiliar products and companies. I have stopped buying supplements on Amazon entirely for this reason alone, and have opted instead to shop at Swanson's or Vitamin Shoppe. I also now go to other websites like Target and Walmart to compare product reviews to those on Amazon, and many times just ended up buying from other retailers for the same or a better price.

You wouldn't believe how much some of these product reviews vary if you shop around. I also know, for example, that Ubervita used to be sold on the Walmart website, where it also accumulated many positive reviews in a short period of time, but was taken down relatively quickly. I appreciate the fact the Walmart is actually taking certain steps to vet its products and third party sellers. I used to shop almost exclusively at Amazon, but have lost a lot of trust in them.

I just see, in my opinion, way too many shady products, companies and business practices on Amazon.

I truly can't believe that Amazon is not making more of a effort to address this matter and to protect its reputation.


This is becoming more and more of an issue on amazon. A lot of the essential oils/vitamins and ETC health products are most likely fraudulent or cut/diluted down.

Most of these buyers are white labeling products from factories overseas and getting them capsulated/bottled in the USA in "fda compliant" labs. This gives them the power to list their products as fba lab compliant, which some buyers mistake for fba compliant. The overall product isn't compliant at all, just the lab part. This industry isn't regulated and anything can go down.

I could technically bottle up castor oil and sell it off as helichrysum oil (which is a VERY expensive oil), populate the listing with around 200 or so of the fake reviews you're referring to, and get away with it for quite a long time until the negatives start to catch fire and spread. Then I could rebrand, rinse, and repeat. I'm positive that this is what's going on in some industries. It's sellers defrauding buyers until the shadiness catches wind.

You ever notice how a lot of these supplement/oil companies look very similar in listing/bottle types? Well they're the same companies that are flooding the market to own the bulk space of amazon.

I read one review of a buyer purchasing a set of oils and all the oils were of the same consistency/color/smell, which means they were heavily diluted and sold off as 100% pure (which they market them as). They could had been the same exact thing, just having different labels to play it off as them being 'different'.

I recently was in the market for a whey protein powder and came across a brand that had the bulk of it's reviews from women. Women use whey, but it's not a majority.

This really pissed me off as a LOT of these products for reviews sites are heavily populated by women and it really was shown for this product. Some of these people don't even open the product(s), they receive them, take a picture, write their fake reviews, and then sell the product(s) on EBAY or as a third party on amazon for a little or big side income. For the whey, the reviews were wrote like they were pulled off a website fact sheet, which is how most of these reviews are done. Person receives product, either gets a fact sheet from the supplier, or does 5min research and rewrites stuff from wikipedia or something without any actual long-term testing of the product.

I don't know what is to come of this, but I use other sites for product research and then end up purchasing through amazon for that particular product.

I hope others do this.

Also, this is a new thing. It's a recent trend of mid 2014 where people(marketers) are seeing the potential in amazon selling and sourcing products via overseas and rebranding/whitelabeling them to sell on amazon through FBA. It's only going to get worse until amazon puts their foot down. I'm not even sure how they would begin doing this.

It's going to take some viral act for them to even give a *** since they're making a lot of money from the $ commissions that they get from these sellers. People are probably going to have to end up dying or seriously injuring themselves from the products before anything happens.

This is even happening on ETSY which is a handmade site. They don't have a good vetting process and you can sell basically anything as handmade w/o much or any proof.


I typed in my email, name etc. on the website to gather more information, but did not enter my credit card info on the next screen.

An hour later I received an e-mail from them to download my complimentary "e-book". I imagine it is downloading this e-book that is getting emails hijacked.

Be careful with unsecured downloading! Such is the Internet ouija board.


I bet this is all true, but regardless, the product is great and the company was smart enough to make a good product and smart enough to get good reviews for a excellent product.

It just sucks that it didnt work for you.

But it blows away everything else I tried that was twice as expensive.

So maybe you should either try it again, or stop hating.


Since one of the primary, if not THE primary, ingredients is caffeine, you'll really be "blown away" by a venti cold brewed ice coffee from Starbucks.


"Smart enough to get good reviews"? In my opinion, if a product is "excellent" as you claim, it markets itself and gets picked up by other retailers.

Walmart took it for a brief stint but then dropped it, which, in my opinion, is a red flag since Walmart sells just about everything and there must be an important reason that they dropped Ubervita. GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Target, Walgreens all do NOT carry this item. Why? Why would these corporations not want to make money off this product if its so good?

Hydroxycut, on the other hand, was sold just about everywhere. Numerous negative reviews also state dissatisfaction with the product, and I'm assuming those were written absent a free product incentive.

Moreover, in my opinion, quality products fully disclose all ingredients as opposed to just listing a proprietary blend.


I actually ordered these based on reviews when I recieved the bottle I started to google the ingredients since they don't list them on the site about 1-2 of the 17 ingredients mention anything about weight loss and web md states there are no studies that prove it it is just stated by dr oz so I didn't open the bottle yet. Then I came across this and by this time I'm irritated because I spent 30 bucks so I messages the amazon seller and asked questions and told them I ggogled the ingredients the information I found and how I read this review and also how only 1-2 of the 17 ingredients had little information to support their weightloss claim.

I didn't want a refund I wanted answers about how they came up with this information regarding the ingredients and where I can see proof that these ingredients have studies related to proven weight loss because I couldn't find any online. They responded quickly but only to ask for my order number for refund.

I feel if it was a legitimate ab burner pill they would've have fought more to prove their product works rather than just give money back. Really *** me off because I wanted answers not for them to run with their tail between their legs.


Google "Sam Keeler Ubervita"




In my opinion, the best way to handle this is through Amazon. If you feel a product is defective in any way, simply ask for a refund.

Amazon is good with the refund process, which is why a lot of people shop there. Complaints to customer service might not raise red flags for Amazon immediately, but lots of people asking for refunds just might do it.

This might make Amazon reevaluate their relationship with Ubervita. My suggestion is, if you feel like you've been wronged by any company in any way, take it up with the retailer's refund department.


Looks like Ubervita filed a voluntary dismissal in the case where it threatened to sue many of its customers alleging their negative reviews were written by "competitors" trying to sabotage their business:

What a joke! Why did you withdraw the case, Ubervita?

Was it because these alleged "competitors" were in fact just dissatisfied customers stating their honest opinions? In my opinion, this case was filed and advertised solely as a fear tactic to prevent genuine customers from writing honest negative reviews. Furthermore, in my opinion, this shows how unethical the people behind Ubervita truly are. If a product works, I feel it will speak for itself and it is not necessary to solicit positive reviews or try to *** negative reviewers.

What's most deplorable is that Amazon is still selling Ubervita products in light of this company's history, it's threats against Amazon customers, and the numerous consumer complaints made to Amazon. I guess it's buyer beware no matter what retailer you're buying from.,_LLC_v_Does


Firstly, I want to say that the entire contents of this post are nothing more than my opinion.

I blame Amazon for it's role for allowing Ubervita to profit using this method.

Numerous customers contacted Amazon regarding Ubervita so Amazon knows exactly what is going on. From what I know, Amazon has taken no meaningful action against Ubervita or any other company allegedly manipulating the review system. Interestingly, the Imgur post regarding Ubervita that I feel may have shed a lot of light on this situation was taken down, although many media sources have written about it. I recommend everyone Google: "Ubervita Imgur".

At times, I have noticed that large numbers of reviews have been removed simultaneously for Ubervita and Eden Pond products (owned by the same person), which makes me very suspicious. If I remember correctly, Ubervita's W700 used to have over 7000 total reviews, but now it has only about 4500. Where did these thousands of reviews go? Who is removing them and why?

Amazon could have easily removed the reviews, but we still don't know why. Did it see something wrong, and if so why hasn't further action been taken? Bottom line is that several thousand people did not decide to get together and remove their reviews over night.

Something is fishy here and this whole matter makes me question whether Amazon has any concern for its customers. I no longer feel safe buying supplements from Amazon.


How can you say all this? Products have diff reactions to everyone period!

what works for 1 person might not work for you. They do give free products for folks to advertise and review for them BUT the products do work (for me anywhoo). The W700 is unbelievably the best product and brand I have ever taken! No jitters and no BS ingredients.

I feel great. Even coffee gives me jitters! Speak for yourself...I will enjoy giving honest reviews while receiving free products! I admit there are sketchy reviews and these people are probably just selling the product to make money off bogus reviews but the w700 totally works for me and I can't get over it especially compared to other weight loss supplements.

I can tell you that I couldn't do it all alone after having kids.

The ubervita helped me lose weight and inches in a week-2 weeks and I had too much water weight gain on top of that. It helps carve out cravings which is a major plus for someone who needs to transition their body from years of abuse or weight gain and gives sustainable energy.


its good that's for sure its fried you brain.


Really..... fried "you" brain?????? Try using yours..


@Ki How can you claim it has "no BS ingredients" when they don't even list the amount of each ingredient on the label, but instead hide behind a proprietary blend? From my understanding, under FDA rules, the ingredients in a proprietary blend have to be listed in order of highest to lowest amounts.

If this is correct, the primary ingredient in W700 is caffeine. You then go on to say that coffee gives you jitters, but not W700. Well, the only stimulant in coffee is caffeine, which is the main ingredient in Ubervita, so you are either mistaken or outright lying. You obviously haven't thought your statement through, and it makes me think you never even tried this product.

In my opinion, many of the comments defending Ubervita here and elsewhere are not from genuine customers that actually use this product. FYI, you can get caffeine pills for a few bucks at CVS or just drink a cup of coffee instead of spending $30 on this.


I just checked the Amazon Website. This company Still is not Revealing it's Ingredients.

In the Industry, this is know as "Fairy Dust".

Meaning these Ingredients are Sprinkled with a little of this and that.

So for anyone looking at any Supplement - stay away from "Proprietary Blends".

That's a Code Word for Junk, more than 95% of the time.

If a Company is afraid to list their Ingredients, more than likely they're Hiding Something.

It's your Money - Demand to know what you're getting for it................... JP



I am trying W700 On my box it said to comment and I will get a free box . OK as for the W700 I like them be could I do not get the shakes and I do not get all that nervous filing so far so good


I obviously can't confirm the truthfulness of anything written in the below article because I didn't do the research myself, but I do find a lot of the information eye-opening regarding Ubervita and the Amazon third-party seller system in general.


I bought a product from them, a fat burner aid, and I thought it was ok, but after I posted a review on it, they started sending me e-mails offering me free bottles for reviews, they wanted me to review products I haven't even tried yet. They said if I post a "place holder review" that they would send me a free bottle and then I could update my review.

Scam. Scam. Scam. I'm very disappointed with their products and how they completely manipulate the Amazon review system.

I saved e-mails from them in which I state I haven't ever bought or tried the product they are offering me a free bottle of, and I have replies stating to just review it and I'll get a free bottle to try. This is so sleazy and really dishonest. Bad company practice...

I refuse to "review" anything I haven't tried. It's just a matter of integrity, and Ubervita has next to none.


I had a positive experience with this product & company. I ordered this product and the ingredients were listed as well as the directions.

The directions clearly state to take 1 pill 2 times a day with a meal. It has decreased my appetite, provided me with energy, & thus far I haven't had any side effects.

I'd say that your "mystery pills" aren't actually Ubervita... For the record there are some 1 star reviews of this product on amazon...


Rip off alert google ubervita and their thousands of fake reviews, they will give you a free bottle of you post a positive review

These people are a rip off and all of these reviews are just fake. You don't get your money back and the product isn't all that great, haven't noticed any difference.

This company is so fake, most of these reviews are fake, just google uber vita fake reviews. they tried to scam me into writing a super positive reviews for a free bottle. Who does that? if your product is that good then why do you have to beg customers to write up a good review?

You know how people are, they will blindly do anything for a free bottle even if doesn't work, free anything people go crazy but that's why you see all of these million of reviews lol because they are fake and amazon needs to do better in getting only accurate reviews.

Ubervita is not the only company doing this, there's many that have jumped on the bandwagon so from my experience I do not go for all of these so called positive reviews anymore, instead I check if there's any negative reviews and if there's not many then that means the product works, there is no such thing now as believing all of these thousands of reviews you know something has to be behind this.

if you don't believe me check these links out which are from only a few months ago so very recent


Uber what? I work in the supplement industry but never heard of this company. Don't think they're legit.


with their intimidation techniques against unhappy customers I'm surprised they are still getting so many 1-star reviews. comments are interesting under this review:

next to that many negative stuff pouring back at them it's understandable that they'll do anything to keep collecting biased/fake 5-star reviews to remain above water.

if it wasn't for the few thousand biased reviews, they'd probably have a 2-3 star rating and their ponzi scheme would have long collapsed. but looking at the label it's clear that the product is a glorified caffeine pill... i think the negative reviews will take over as more and more customers are infuriated, especially after this legal action business. who knows, maybe when amazon gets to ubervita and w700 on their to-do list, they'll be kicked out.

until then be a little smart and do your own googling before buying such products. just my two cents.


1700? More like 2500+...

Amazon doesn't care about its customers, are you kidding you think they don't know that Ubervita is a fraud? With the amount of complaints they must be getting every day, they're well aware. But who cares, they get their commissions after each sale and let the customer worry about it the rest.

They booked a loss last quarter, Wall Street doesn't like that.. I wouldn't hold my breath until they kick companies off their platform and strip themselves of commissions...They're unethical but is that any news?!


Just google and read the Ripoff Reports about this company, look at their reviews, then make your own judgment. Actually, read their filing, it's a farce:D They're claiming for example that a mysterious competitor placed orders for their product in the "thousands" to get them run out of product.

What?! What mysterious competitor would spend money on that? Just for the record: selling thousands of product is supposed to be a good thing, no one with malicious intent will do you that favor, right? :D There is more in there: Secret agents (of competitors) posing as Ubervita employees in email communications with Amazon...

mysterious competitors ordering hundreds of thousand $'s worth of their product... unscrupulous internet zombies posting fake reviews about their otherwise amazingly effective fat burner... fake internet ads on Craigslist in their name... the list goes on - haha, what a story!

Read that filing, it's a true entertainment piece! :D

Let's just set this straight. What's been happening here? It's simply that Ubervita has been:


Pumping their own product (buying their own product and cycling it back into inventory to improve its sales rank on Amazon)

2. Buying fake reviews at first, then bribing customers with free bottles of their products to write even more reviews (and doing this in a fashion that violates Amazon rules and general ethics)


Threatening and bullying real customers with real negative reviews with "lawsuits", "unmasking" their real identities, and more.

When the above conduct started to get more attention than necessary from customers (and probably Amazon itself), they filed this ridiculous suit in WA to cover it all up. I can't be the only one laughing my bottom off at this :D


No seller on Amazon is allowed to offer a free product to customers SUBJECT TO a review. Product must be given in advance for testing purposes and the reviewer must mention that they got it for free for that purpose.

If this company doesn't do that, they are violating Amazon code and should be kicked out, lawsuit or no lawsuit. Simple as that.


Looks like a judge does not agree:


That case has nothing to do with Ubervita’s own conduct.

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